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It’s the little things

Being a senior in high school is stressful. Everyone wants to hang out. Everyone has jobs. Everyone is writing college essays and filling out college

Soothing Acute Panic in Emergencies

  Many friends, colleagues and clients of mine are affected directly by the fires in Napa and Sonoma counties. Fear is at an all time

Prevent insect bites naturally

This summer I have had many people ask me about coping with insect bites that get very inflamed or irritated, in addition to a general

An Essential Parenting Book

I have been reading a critically important book recently that is calling into question many of my own parenting practices. I don’t love to be

A Holiday Gift Idea

  I am reading a book that would make a wonderful holiday gift. It is called The Little Paris Bookshop, and it is about a

Relief from acute grief

I spent the day crying. My son woke in the night in terror, feeling anxious and unable to go back to sleep. My husband is anxious

Staphysagria: a life-changing remedy

The beautiful work of Delphinium: 2 cases of Staphysagria Lack of self worth is a debilitating state that I have seen over and over in

Launching my new website

One of my goals this spring was to redesign my website. I am proud to announce my new website is up and running, with entirely