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Back to School Book Review

Dear Friends and Clients, Looking for a good read? This is my Back to School Book Review, just in time for Labor Day weekend! The Self-Driven Child

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Prevent insect bites naturally

This summer I have had many people ask me about coping with insect bites that get very inflamed or irritated, in addition to a general

An Essential Parenting Book

I have been reading a critically important book recently that is calling into question many of my own parenting practices. I don’t love to be

A Holiday Gift Idea

  I am reading a book that would make a wonderful holiday gift. It is called The Little Paris Bookshop, and it is about a

Relief from acute grief

I spent the day crying. My son woke in the night in terror, feeling anxious and unable to go back to sleep. My husband is anxious

Staphysagria: a life-changing remedy

The beautiful work of Delphinium: 2 cases of Staphysagria Lack of self worth is a debilitating state that I have seen over and over in

Launching my new website

One of my goals this spring was to redesign my website. I am proud to announce my new website is up and running, with entirely

Sports Injuries: a personal story

There’s nothing like getting a call from your kid’s phone when they are out doing an extremely dangerous sport. It’s just that much worse when

Peri-menopause: could this be you?

I’m a little embarrassed to tell you that I get goop in my inbox. That is not a metaphor. I am referring to a blog/newsletter