Relief from acute grief

I spent the day crying. My son woke in the night in terror, feeling anxious and unable to go back to sleep. My husband is anxious and has a sick feeling in his heart. We are scared, disappointed and sad.

We are grieving.

There is a remedy for grief that matches the descriptions I have been reading of people unable to stop crying and feeling tremendous despair about humanity. The remedy will not make the problem go away, but it will lift your heart and help you find strength to fight for what you believe is right, strength to find compassion, strength to bring love to your family, your community and to your country – which is desperately needed at this time.

Here is a description: perhaps you will see yourself in it.

Ignatia:  An emotional state of grief or frustration. For emotional shock, conflict, disappointment, fright and grief. Melancholic, sad, tearful. Sadness and sighing with empty feeling in pit of stomach.  Ailments from hearing bad news, from fright, shame or embarrassments. Much unhappiness, cannot sleep, entirely absorbed in grief.

You can get this remedy at your local health food store. You can take it up to 3 times a day for a few days, until you start to feel better.

With love,


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