Alexis White is simply brilliant. With a steady and expert hand she guided me through my recovery from stage 4 adrenal fatigue, whilst also addressing lifelong digestive issues, menopausal challenges as well as chronic severe self-criticism. From our very first appointment, Alexis made me feel at ease and willing to share my life story as if speaking to an old friend. I felt truly seen and heard. Our conversations gave me a renewed sense of hope and optimism – that change was possible; that healing was possible; that I would not be stuck in darkness forever. I found Alexis to be an expert and intuitive healer. Her choices of various remedies during my healing journey were spot on, with each remedy progressively lifting my energy and spirits within days of starting them. Alexis approached me with a holistic mindset, working on various fronts at the same time and applying her vast knowledge to bring my whole being into balance. I appreciated her advice regarding nutrition, sleep and various lifestyle choices – all of which were crucial in my recovery.
I am forever grateful for Alexis’ wisdom and expertise, which lifted me out of a place of deep despair and brought renewed Qi and joy into my life. Thank you Alexis, from the bottom of my heart!



I’m not exaggerating when I say Alexis changed my life. I’d been struggling with sinus migraines for a few years, and they were slowly coming on more frequently, more viciously, and for a longer stretch of time. I was lucky enough to have found Alexis through a friend, and when I relayed this info to her, she said “I think I can help”. Fast forward… I have had zero, let me repeat, ZERO sinus migraines. Plus, Alexis is an absolute gem of a human to spend time with, she really listens and treats the whole person. Our visits addressed surprise details in my life like anxiety, depression, and even vertigo — things I was not planning on addressing. Alexis is a true healer and a treasure of a human. Thank you Alexis!


Alexis is a thoughtful and skilled homeopath, and she is just a pleasure to work with. She has been helping me and my two sons for several years with anxiety, mood, sleep, hormone, skin disorders, and digestive issues. The remedies are easy to take and don’t feel like ‘medicine’, there are no side effects, and they are effective. Alexis is very patient and will work with you until the right remedy is found for your exact issue. She is incredibly responsive and will set up phone appointments to make it easier. I really enjoy working with Alexis and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health!


If you are ready to restore your well being and overall health and vitality in a safe, effective manner, I highly recommend you reach out to Alexis. I have seen Alexis in past years to resolve both acute and chronic health issues – she is a fierce and loyal advocate for my well-being and she is very knowledgeable, responsive and supportive.  The Bay Area in general, and Marin County in particular, is fortunate to have such an experienced, well-rounded, classical homeopath in the area.


Alexis is the most competent homeopath that I have encountered in my fifteen years of experience with this method of healing. She is also an accomplished teacher and can explain the remedies’ characteristics and applicability in a way that is easily understood, which is important in my opinion when you are a patient looking for relief and answers, turning to homeopathy, which is both simple and complex. Under Alexis’s care, I have experienced a profound level of healing that I never believed was possible.


During my second season of racing mountain bikes, I was having a new problem with my throat tightening up on long rides and races, when I was pushing myself very hard. A doctor told me it was stress, and I needed to find strategies to calm down. Alexis, a parent of another rider, wanted to hear more about my symptoms and after hearing my story, prescribed a remedy specifically targeted to my individual situation. At the first race I noticed immediate and very effective results, and my symptoms were almost completely gone. Alexis is wonderful to work with, very caring and thoughtful, and I found that she genuinely wanted to help me.

~Conner, age 15

My life has truly changed by finding Alexis. Alexis used an incredibly warm, caring and supportive approach to finding the right remedies for my children and me. The remedies she has chosen for me gave me an inner balance and energy that has helped me feel healthier, stronger, happier and calmer. Thanks to her, I no longer have the chronic stomachaches that had bothered me for years. My kids are also well-balanced and happy, and stay healthy even during cold and flu season.


Alexis has taught me the depth and breadth of homeopathy—how we can perceive and heal body, mind, and soul through its beautiful system.Alexis has a way of engaging me in a conversation that is both informative and therapeutic. She is truly gifted. Working with Alexis is a journey I recommend for anyone!

– Donna

I went to Alexis because I was going through a very stressful time in life and was searching for a holistic way to treat my symptoms. Working with Alexis has completely changed my overall health – both physically as well as mentally and emotionally. It has helped me approach my health from a “whole” perspective. Alexis worked extensively with me to find my constitutional remedy. I am now more attuned to my individual makeup and have learned to work with my remedy in healing my body instead of fighting it. I have become a more peaceful, happy person and can only thank Alexis for her guidance and special understanding of who I am. I have been so amazed and pleased with the results that I have also brought my two daughters, who are now thriving, healthy kids. Alexis has helped our family stay healthy and in balance.


Our family has been working with Alexis for years and we are so grateful for her calm and healing presence in our lives. Our young son struggled with wheezing, skin rashes, spontaneous bloody noses and many other symptoms of imbalance – he was sick from October to April. We knew that we needed a deeper approach and within a few months of seeing Alexis, cold and flu season began…and our son was healthy all winter! We continue to see Alexis to monitor our son’s progress and we have come to rely on her wisdom and compassion throughout the year for common (and not-so-common) health concerns for the whole family. She is always responsive, listens deeply and considers the whole person when identifying a solution. We can’t recommend her highly enough!

– Tiffany

I had been to a few homeopaths before seeing Alexis, all without much change. Alexis was tenacious and extremely thorough. I finally found relief from the chronic blues and anxiety that I was suffering from. I feel like my feet are firmly planted on the ground now – In major part to finding a remedy that helped me feel like myself again.


I think of you often as I continue to use homeopathy in my daily life! Aconite just saved me in the middle of the night last night when the baby awoke at 3 a.m. screaming of pain in his ear. I gave him 2 doses of Aconite and he never made another peep about it. Homeopathy just blows me away time and time again! I’ve learned so much from you – thank you!!