Coronavirus: homeopathic treatment of viral infections

Welcome to my post on coronavirus.


I’m going to get right to it. You’ve heard about hand washing, Vitamin C and masks. I will offer you that information at the end, but first I want to give you something unique to homeopathy, which is excellent and effective treatment for viral illnesses, as well as support for any anxiety you might be feeling about vulnerability with this virus spreading in our global community.


Homeopathic treatment of viral infections:

When it comes to treatment, homeopathy does not care about the name of the illness. We choose a remedy based on each individual’s symptoms and give the remedy that matches best. For that reason, COVID-19 (coronavirus) is no different than any other illness or condition. If you or a family member is sick, you have the power and ability to treat yourself and your family using homeopathic remedies at home – even coronavirus. However, if you are having difficulty breathing, please call your doctor, or go to urgent care or the ER. 


Resources you need:

Firstly, you should have an understanding of how homeopathy works. Please use this link to download my booklet called Homeopathy for Everyone. It explains how to use and choose homeopathic remedies.


You can buy remedies at grocery stores, pharmacies and online. Here are two online homeopathic pharmacies:


Book on acute care:

Dana Ullman’s book on home use of homeopathy.


Top remedies for treating flu and other viral illnesses:


Gelsemium: Characterized by remendous weakness– thought to be the main remedy for COVID-19, based on limited data from China

Extreme weakness, weariness, debility and sleepiness. Slow onset of fever over a few days. Weakness and heaviness of head, limbs and eyelids. Desire to lie down, can hardly sit up. Can’t keep eyes open. Trembling. Chills up and down the back. Thirstless. Headache in the back of the headwhich may extend to the forehead. Better from lying down.


Bryonia Alba: Characterized by aggravation by motion

Much worse from motion, aversion to any effort or motion. Gradual onset. Slowly progressing influenza with severe aching. Irritable, averse to answering questions. Wants to be left alone. Very thirsty, wants large gulps at intervals. Sweats profusely with the fever. Wants to brace against movement for security (holds chest while coughing). Better from heat, lying still.


Eupatorium Perfoliatum: Characterized by severe aching
High fever with severe, unbearable aching. Intense pain in the bones and/or chilled to the bone. Violent shaking with chills. Restless with pain. Chilled but wants cold drinksor food. Lack of sweat with a fever. Moaning and groaning.


Arsenicum Album: Characterized by restlessness and possible GI symptoms

Restless, fastidious (cleaning up even while sick!). Anxiety, needs company. Burning pains, discharges. Thirst for small sips. Chilly; face is hot, but body is chilled. Thirsty for small sips. Vomiting or diarrhea, or both simultaneously. Worse 12 to 1 a.m., cold in any form, drafts. Better from warmth.


Belladonna: Characterized by rapid onset

Rapid onset of flu and very high fever. Delirium or hallucinations with fever. Face is flushed red, pupils dilated, eyes glistening. Severe headache with throbbing and pounding pain. Pain worse from jarringand motion. Hands and feet icy cold, but face and body hot. Thirstless. Craves lemons or lemonade.


Nux Vomica: Characterized by extreme chills

Sensitivity to all stimuli; light, noise, odors, etc. Even skin can feel sensitive.  High fever with rapid onset. Horrible, intense chills and shaking. Chills from uncovering of from the slightest motions of air under the covers.Severe headache. Can be irritable and impatient. May be preoccupied with work, though very sick. Better warmth and hot drinks.


Oscillococcinum: Flu prevention and first sign of flu

First sign of flu or flu-like illness. Early in illness, symptoms are vague, and do not point to another flu remedy. General malaise, fever, aching, chills, headache.

Preventive use: 1/8th vial weekly during viral season.


Rhus Toxicodendron: Characterized by aching and restlessness

Influenza with anxiety, anguish, aching and restlessness. Fever can originate from being chilled. Very chilly from being uncovered or from drafts. Aching and stiffness, with a desire to stretch. Pains better from nearly constant movements. Burning thirst. Much better from warmth and warm things.



Additional self-care:

It is important to reduce your anxiety about getting sick. Staying calm and grounded supports your immune system and your family.


Ideas for reducing anxiety and fear:

Bach Rescue remedy: take as needed (available at Whole Foods, etc. in liquid or pastille)


Arsenicum album 30C: 2 pellets in a 12-16 bottle of water. Sip daily once or twice. Characterized by fear of death, disease, germs, contagion. Deeply insecure. Clinging and feeling desperate.


Inform yourself: An excellent article giving you up to date information on prevention and facts.


Lifestyle recommendations for a healthy immune system and illness prevention:

  • Vitamin D: Many studies show that just having optimal vitamin D levels is excellent virus prevention. Optimal levels are 50-80. Testing is critical.
  • Homeopathic constitutional care
  • Lower stress; stress releases a cascade of stress hormones that inhibit the immune system. Critical to consciously de-stress every single day, giving our bodies a chance to move out of the sympathetic response. Meditation, slow hikes or walks, nature, music, massage, etc.
  • Adequate sleep
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Don’t touch your face, especially nose and eyes
  • Wear a mask if you are sick, but if you are healthy it is not helpful for prevention
  • Healthy diet; nourishing soups, bone broth, veggies, remove sugar
  • Vit D
  • Vit C: 1000 mg 3x day
  • Xlear nasal spray at the end of each day


Naturopathic treatment suggestions:

  • V-clear by Integrative Therapeutics: 4x the normal dose
  • Additional Vitamin C: up to 10,000 mg/day, watch for bowel tolerance
  • Elderberry: syrup or caps
  • Individually selected acute homeopathic remedy (see above)


I strongly encourage you to stay grounded and calm by being informed and prepared, and to remain kind and supportive to our global community. Sending love, hope and healing energy to all beings on earth.





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