Sending your child to college with health support

Happy Autumn! School is back in session!

The kids that I knew in preschool when I was starting homeopathy school and in the early years of my homeopathic practice are now heading to college. How can that be?? It’s been a privilege to know these children over the years as they have grown from toddlers into teenagers and adults, and I also feel gloomy at the looming empty nest coming my way soon.

With college bound teenagers, a new conundrum arises. When they get sick, they will be far away from home without some of the resources they are accustomed to (Mom). Colleges offer medical clinics, and this is a wonderful option when medications are needed. However, many times lingering minor illnesses will plague college students and prevent them from going to class. On the other hand, often they keep up their hectic schedules in spite of being sick, and then their illnesses stick around. Sometimes old or chronic symptoms will show up due to stress.

I have a proposal: A college-bound care package with a homeopathy kit and some immune-boosting supplements.

The supplements: these are the supplements that I keep on hand when my family is sick. They range from herbal immune boosters and sovereign silver to Vitamin C. The V Clear is a homeopathic product that has been shown to lessen the length of colds by several days. You can get all of these at Pharmaca – in person or online. Some of all of these in your care package will help when the sniffles hit.

This homeopathy kit has the main remedies for sore throats, the flu, urinary tract infections, fever, stomach problems, coughs, colds, food poisoning, and injuries. I have written a remedy guide, which details how to select a remedy. The parents get a guide, too, so if your child calls home asking for guidance, you can be looking at the same information, and help them figure it out. This empowers your young scholar to be proactive about their own health, and find solutions they can be in charge of.

If you need assistance learning how to use homeopathy at home, you might be interested to know I am also teaching an introductory homeopathy class on Wednesday, September 27 at 6:30 PM at Pediatric Alternatives in Mill Valley. Please email me if you are interested in attending. Space is limited, so RSVPs are a must.


Some kit highlights, showing the wide variety of treatable conditions:

Arsenicum Album

Think of it for: Food poisoning, influenza, stomach flu, viral illness.

I’ve treated many colds, flus and viruses with Arsenicum. It’s also the number one remedy for food poisoning – think cafeteria food! It has so many uses, it’s really an indispensable remedy.


Think of it for: Extreme burns; urinary tract infections.

Cantharis is our number one remedy for urinary tract infections. This remedy can be a life-saver for someone suffering from a really painful UTI. Additionally, Cantharis is fantastic for burns, I have personally seen 2nd degree burns rendered completely pain-free with one dose of this remedy.


Think of it for: Influenza, anticipatory anxiety (stage fright).

Many situations at college will be first time experiences for our new college fledglings. Anticipatory anxiety can be an issue for anyone, and Gelsemium is a wonderful remedy for that. Additionally, it’s one of the main remedies I use to treat the flu, when the symptoms match, of course.


Think of it for: Coughs, colds, nose bleeds, stomach flu.

Phosphorus is useful for coughs that go to the chest and linger, as well as diarrhea and stomach upset. Nosebleeds are not as common in college-age children, but those who get them will be very happy to have a remedy on hand to stem the tide.

Rhus Toxicodendron

Think of it for: Poison oak, strains and sprains, influenza

An incredibly versatile remedy, Rhus-t is amazing for poison oak rashes, which can be a godsend when you’re itchiness is out of control. It’s also a wonderful remedy to help heal sprains and strains from athletics or just overdoing it. Finally, Rhus is a wonderful flu remedy, especially when you’re achy and restless and just can’t get comfortable.

Please email me if you are interested in a homeopathic kit with remedy guide for your student.









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