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Here in California it feels like it was winter one day, and summer the next. I think we might have skipped spring altogether! Maybe that happened one day last week? This winter we had 12 atmospheric rivers and approximately 42 billion inches of rain. We are just now seeing the impact of this amount of water, as warm sunny days have transformed the drenched landscape into a superbloom of wildflowers and flowering trees here on the West Coast.
And – boom, just like that it’s allergy season.

Runny nose? Itchy eyes? Post-nasal drip? Allergy symptoms are the result of your immune system overreacting to something in the environment, and in the spring it’s usually tree and grass pollen. Homeopathy and naturopathy can help alleviate your symptoms and your suffering. There are many homeopathic remedies which will address your acute allergies; each with a unique picture that needs to fit your exact symptoms.

To relieve your allergies with a homeopathic remedy, start by making a list of all your symptoms. Be as specific as possible. Allergy symptoms are varied and could include a runny nose, itchy nose and mouth, watery eyes, profuse sneezing, wheezing, coughing, or tissue swelling. All these are common and can be in any combination. What are your particular symptoms? When are they better or worse? What does it feel like? Are you better inside or out? Morning or evening? These specifiers will help you choose a remedy. Check the list below for a remedy that fits your symptoms the best. Start by taking a 30C potency of that remedy once or twice a day. Remedies can be purchased at health food stores and online.

Allium Cepa
Main symptom – RUNNY NOSE
Allium is good for profuse burning discharge from the nose which may burn your upper lip, and turn the skin red. There may be so much liquid pouring out of your nose that you have to resort to plugging up your nostrils with tissue. There is bland watering of the eyes (meaning it does not burn) and violent sneezing. The symptoms are generally better when outside and worse in a warm room.

Main symptom – EYES INFLAMED
Euphrasia has opposite discharges from Allium. With Euphrasia, the eyes are watering, burning and very irritated. They are sensitive to light, making you blink all the time. The nose is watery and runny as well, but it is bland and does not bother your upper lip. There can be intense sneezing and a tickling cough that is worse in the morning from all the gunk that builds up from lying down all night.

Wyethia is a tremendously itchy remedy. The nose, throat, mouth and ears can all feel itchy. It is very difficult to relieve such intense itching, and you find that there is some relief when you rub the back of your tongue back and forth to scratch the soft upper palate in the mouth. You may feel you need to bore into your ears to relieve the itching there. Your mouth and throat may feel dry, and you may need to constantly clear your throat.

Main symptom – SNEEZING FITS
Sabadilla is the remedy for you if you can’t stop sneezing. The sneezing can actually be debilitating. There is constant itching and tingling inside the nose with copious watery discharge. The feeling is much worse outside, and especially when smelling flowers. Generally, it is a little better inside.

Arsenicum album
Main symptom – RUNNY NOSE
Arsenicum has acrid watery nasal discharge, coming from a totally obstructed nose. Arsenicum is always characterized by burning, and in this case the nose can burn, and the discharge can be burning and cause the area under the nose to become bright red. Sneezing can come from a tickling feeling, or when waking in the morning. Arsenicum is always better from warmth and worse from cold and inhaling cold air.

Main symptom – SWELLING
Apis is a remedy I always carry with me in my purse. Its action is unparalleled when you are having an allergic reaction that causes acute swelling. I have a client who is sensitive to one kind of pollen. If it gets in his eye, the area around the eye and even the conjunctiva will swell tremendously, and it happens very suddenly. Apis is the remedy for this situation of swollen eyes, can even be swollen shut. There can be hives, and other concomitant allergic symptoms.

Stinging nettle is excellent for allergy symptom relief. It is available at health food stores as a capsule or in the medicinal tea section. Fresh stinging nettle tea is also effective. If you make your own, use only freshly picked herbs and be careful when gathering!!
Quercetin is an anti-inflammatory bioflavonoid that can help relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies.
Aller-C and Aller-All are two allergy products that combine quercetin, bioflavonoids, nettles and Vitamin C.
If you need these supplements, I can send you a link to get 20% off all your supplement orders. Just email me.
Wipe your clothes and hair with a damp washcloth when you come home at the end of the day, or after being out. This keeps pollens off your furniture and out of your bed.

Allergies are usually a chronic issue. Any health problem that recurs periodically indicates a chronic problem best treated by chronic “constitutional” homeopathic treatment. Chronic treatment can relieve allergies forever, not just this moment or this season. For constitutional treatment, you can give me a call! With homeopathy we seek to bring about a balance from the deepest part of a person’s being. Homeopathy can help allergies by addressing the deeper underlying imbalance that gives rise to the symptoms and bring about balance in your overall health.

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