A Holiday Gift Idea


I am reading a book that would make a wonderful holiday gift. It is called The Little Paris Bookshop, and it is about a man who owns a floating bookshop, called The Literary Apothecary. The bookshop owner is like a doctor, whose choice of medicine is books. He has a gift for being able to “transperceive”, or discern what book a person requires to satisfy their deepest needs. It is charming, droll and well-written. Here is an exerpt:

“He sold books like medicine. [He] used his ears, his eyes, and his instincts. From a single conversation he was able to discern what each soul lacked… He could read from a body’s position, its movements and its gestures, what was burdening or oppressing it… He could see and hear through most people’s camouflage. And behind it you see all the things they worry and dream about, and the things they lack. He listened with his heart, and he listened with his head.”

This is exactly like the process of homeopathic medicine. Homeopaths listen with their hearts and their heads, and use their eyes, ears and instincts to find a remedy that meets a person’s deepest needs. In The Little Paris Bookshop, with the right book, a person can find relaxation, release and restoration of balance in their lives. It is just the same with the right homeopathic remedy; balance is restored and lasting health is achieved. This is also a great gift idea for someone in your life!

Happy Holidays from flora & fauna!

Warmest wishes,





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