Getting the flu: control what you can control

I’m sure you’ve been reading about the flu season. The New York Times reported that the flu season of the Southern Hemisphere was particularly bad, which bodes poorly for the Northern hemisphere’s upcoming flu season. This morning’s San Diego Union-Tribune ran a story about a high school with a 40% absence rate due to the flu. The CDC Flu Activity and Surveillance webpage shows flu already circulating heavily in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, New York City and Washington DC.

It’s time to support your immune system and learn how to treat your symptoms if you do get sick. You have the power and ability to treat yourself and your family using homeopathic remedies and by optimizing your immune system.

Let’s begin with basic immune support. It’s not too late to help your immune system be the best it can be. While there are many factors out of your direct control (flu patterns, unintended exposure), there are lots of factors that you can control.

Immune system support and practices that are in your control:

Vitamin D: Many studies show that just having optimal vitamin D levels is excellent virus prevention. Optimal levels are 50-80. Testing is critical, since each person begins at a different baseline. has home tests for Vitamin D. Take enough Vitamin D to keep your blood levels optimal. A safe starting dose is 2000 IU per day, but a therapeutic dose can be higher than that if your levels need to be increased. Test this 2-3 times a year until you know the dose that keeps you in the optimum range.

Practice stress reduction: Stress releases a cascade of stress hormones that inhibit the immune system. It is critical to consciously de-stress every single day, giving our bodies a chance to move out of the sympathetic response. Meditation, mindfulness, movement, nature, and massage are examples of how to decrease stress.

Get adequate sleep: You need 7.5-8 hours each night. Many studies show that sleep deprivation causes reduced immune system function, decreased sex drive, increased risk of chronic disease, obesity, and depression. This is a simple thing that is in your control. Exposure to sunlight when you wake up will help set your circadian rhythm and help you get to sleep at night at the right time.

Healthy diet: Remove sugar, add nourishing soups, bone broth, veggies. Studies show that spikes in blood sugar suppress the immune system. It takes only 75 grams of sugar to generate this response. That’s one cupcake and a soda. Or one sports drink and a sweetened yogurt. What is on the end of your fork is 100% under your control.

Thymus tapping: Thumping or tapping your thymus gland stimulates your immune system, giving it a boost. Gently tapping on the thymus gland creates vibrations that stimulate an increase in the maturation and release of white blood cells.Thymus tapping also helps decrease stress and gets your energy flowing. Do this practice twice daily, or in the morning only if you find it too stimulating.

Thymuline 9C: a homeopathic remedy taken weekly during flu season that stimulates the thymus gland, an essential organ of your immune system. Reach out to me directly for more information.

Naturopathic flu treatment suggestions when you are feeling sick:
Vitamin C: 1000 mg 3x day
V-clear by Integrative Therapeutics
Elderberry: syrup or capsules

How do you do use homeopathy? It’s simple. Choose a remedy based on each individual’s specific symptoms and give the remedy that matches best. You don’t have to have all the symptoms, but the general picture should match. An asterisk* indicates the most important symptoms.

You may not know if you have the flu or Covid. The symptoms can be similar, and I have seen the same flu-like symptoms in people with both positive and negative tests. Test yourself if you can, so you can properly manage your care to protect others from COVID.

Symptoms of the top flu remedies:

Arsenicum Album: Mr. Anxious
Anxious, needs company.*
Fastidious (cleaning up even while sick!).
Clingy and emotionally desperate.
Burning pains, discharges.
Thirst for small sips.
Vomiting or diarrhea, or both simultaneously.
Worse cold in any form.
Better from warmth.

BelladonnaMr. Fevered
Rapid onset of flu and very high fever.*
Delirium or hallucinations with fever.
Red face, dilated pupils, glistening eyes.
Severe headache with throbbing and pounding pain.
Pain worse from stepping and motion.
Hands and feet icy cold, but face and body hot.
Craves lemons or lemonade.

 Bryonia Alba: Mr. Grumpy
Much worse from any motion, getting up or walking around.*
Irritable and wants to be left alone.*
Slowly progressing illness with severe aching.
Very thirsty.
Motion of coughing aggravates, so patient holds chest while coughing.
Better from heat, lying still.

Eupatorium PerfoliatumMr. Achy
Severe, unbearable aching in the muscles and bones.*
Chilled to the bone.
Violent shaking with chills.
Chilled but wants cold drinks or food.
Moaning and groaning.

Gelsemium: Mr. Out of It
Extreme weakness and debility.*
Weakness and heaviness of head, limbs and eyelids.
Desire to lie down, can hardly sit up.
Can’t keep eyes open.
Chills up and down the back.
Headache in the back of the head.
Better from lying down.

Nux VomicaMr. Sensitive
Sensitivity to all stimuli; light, noise, odors, touch.*
Intense chills and shaking.*
High fever with rapid onset.
Chills from any uncovering or draft.
Can be irritable and impatient.
May be preoccupied with work, though very sick.
Better from warmth and hot drinks.

OscillococcinumMr. First Sign of Illness
First sign of flu or flu-like illness.*
Early in illness, symptoms are vague, and do not point to another flu remedy.
General malaise, fever, aching, chills, headache.

Rhus ToxicodendronMr. Achy and Restless
Flu with aching and restlessness.*
Very chilly from being uncovered or from drafts.
Aching and stiffness, with a desire to stretch.*
Pains better from movement.
Burning thirst.
Much better from warmth.

Natural flu prevention:

Flu Combination 2022-23
This product is a combination of both Influenzinum and Oscillococcinum. This can be used as a preventive as well as a first line of treatment if you develop general flu symptoms.If you’d like a bottle, email me and I’ll email you a link to order it directly.


Resources for treating yourself and your family at home:

Homeopathic books
Firstly, you should have an understanding of how homeopathy works. Please download my free booklet called Homeopathy for Everyone. It explains how to use and choose homeopathic remedies. A comprehensive book I love for home use is Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines.

Homeopathic remedies
You can buy remedies at grocery stores, pharmacies and online. Here are two online homeopathic pharmacies:

Wishing you a healthy, happy Fall.
With love,

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