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Back to school at any age

Hey Friend, Happy August! School is about to start! Got kids in pre-school? Kids in elementary? Kids starting high school? Maybe you have kids you’re

A homeopathic travel guide

Hi Friend, There are three remedies I carry in my purse at all times; Apis, Aconite and Arnica. When I go on vacation, I add

The allergy superbloom is here

Hi Friend, Here in California it feels like it was winter one day, and summer the next. I think we might have skipped spring altogether!

A new definition of health

HEALTH: | helTH | noun the state of being free from illness or injury Friend, Is that definition of health sufficient? I think not! Health

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We have the power to change our health

Hi Friend, There are so many choices for your healthcare. Different modalities and styles of practice. In person and telemedicine. Conventional or alternative practitioners. It

Quieting your inner critic

Dear Friends, My thoughts never stop. They just go and go and go. It’s a never-ending stream of content, like a Times Square digital billboard

Thyroid Health in the News: endocrine disruptors

Your toothpaste, deodorant, strawberries and plastic water bottles could be contributing to your thyroid dysfunction. These products and more contain chemicals known to disrupt endocrine