Basic remedies to have on hand for home use: part 1

By November 5, 2011Notes from Alexis

Healing takes place in many realms. My area of expertise is in homeopathy. I have many other tools that I use, but homeopathy is the center of my practice. I invite you to read a note from me periodically with ideas about how to use homeopathy at home to help you and your family be well and stay healthy. I welcome your ideas and questions. Please email me with your questions and topics of interest, and I will answer them here.

Homeopathy notes:
This is the time of year to be prepared for the holidays, and all that comes with family togetherness. Here are some remedies to have on hand, with their most common uses. There are, of course, many remedies for different ailments. These are recommendations, not prescriptions! If the remedy you have chosen doesn’t help, calling a homeopath is always an option!

Nux vomica:
Great for over-indulgence. Feeling very ill from too much…whatever. Could be food or alcohol. Wonderful for a hangover!

A wonderful remedy for burns. Since we always manage to light our sweet potatoes’ marshmallows on fire at Thanksgiving, this seems like a timely recommendation. It is for burns to the skin. Cantharis is like a miracle, since it takes all the pain away. Especially good when little hands get too close to the oven.

Arsenicum Album:
The go-to remedy for food poisoning. If you are curled up on the bathroom floor, and the tiles feel so cool and nice, this is probably the remedy you need.

For the first sign of the flu, when the feeling is achy all over, with the chills. You are so weak and exhausted that you have to just lie down, and you can’t even sit up at all. Second use: Gelsemium is also a wonderful remedy for anticipatory anxiety, aka: stage fright. Take it before your job interview, or in case the upcoming Nutcracker has your little sugarplum all in a twist.

The remedy that no one can pronounce, but is by every check-out stand at Whole Foods. What is it? It is a remedy made for the flu. It is a good all-purpose flu remedy when you first feel ill, but don’t have any other specific symptoms. Secret pronunciation guide: [A-see-low-cox-eye-num]

Book note:
The Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky, PhD. A wonderful book about the promise of homeopathy; with homeopathic history, a cure of autism and miraculous case studies. An easy, engaging read! Amy’s website is here.

Nutrition note:
If you are concerned about viruses, reduce or eliminate sugar from your family’s diet. Sugar depresses the immune system, which limits how well we can be protected from and recover from viruses.

Education note:
I will be giving some talks in December on homeopathy. If you are interested in attending an event, or hosting an event with your friends, please let me know. Teaching people about homeopathy is an absolute joy for me.