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One of my goals this spring was to redesign my website. I am proud to announce my new website is up and running, with entirely rewritten information on homeopathy, a new FAQ page, my blog (these notes), and lastly – a video! See my new site. During this process, I spent many hours thinking about how I define health.

I define health as freedom from restrictions.

Restrictions prevent us from achieving long-term vitality and health. A restriction on your health could be anything that keeps you from experiencing the full landscape of your life, emotionally, spiritually and physically. In some cases, we are habituated to our own restrictions; we hardly even notice that they are there. When we are free of restrictions, nothing is standing in the way of achieving balance and joy.

Think of a tree in the wind. While unremarkable in the moment, over time a constant wind will alter a tree’s growth pattern and the tree will adapt by growing crookedly. Our restrictions are the wind affecting our growth, health and vitality. When the restrictions are removed, we can grow straight and true, achieving our full potential for optimum health.

treecolorAfter completing my thoughts on the subject for my website, I took a well-deserved vacation to Washington, DC, where I visited the National Gallery Sculpture Garden. There I found this amazing sculpture, Graft by Roxy Paine.

I feel this sculpture perfectly embodies the “before” and “after” states with homeopathic treatment. When we are altered and shaped by our restrictions and illnesses we are the gnarled and crooked left side of the tree.

When homeopathic treatment effectively removes restrictions and illness-producing patterns from our life, we are able to grow straight and true, like the right side of the tree.

From an article about Graft:

“Graft presents two fictive but distinct species of trees—one gnarled, twisting, and irregular, the other smooth, elegant, and rhythmic—joined to the same trunk. Among its rich associations, this sculpture evokes the persistent human desire to alter and recombine elements of nature, as well as the ever-present tension between order and chaos.”

I look forward to helping you restore health and well-being to your family’s life with homeopathy.

Happy Summer to all!


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