What is true health? six quick cases

My 11 year-old son is really into health. In addition to reading food labels, he asks me impossible-to- answer questions such as, “What is the healthiest food in the world?” (I said salmon, kale and avocado) and “If you ate 3 bottles of Omega- 3’s, would that be bad?” (I said anything in excess can be bad) or “Which is better for you, fats, proteins or carbohydrates?” (I said you need all of them, honey).

My son is hunting for the secret to being healthy, and of course, since he’s eleven, all the ways that the journey to health could be hijacked and you could be sent into a death spiral. For example, he quizzes me about the results of ingesting massive quantities of high fructose corn syrup, trans fats or MSG. He even wants to know if you can hurt yourself with an overdose of healthy foods like broccoli, bread, or monounsaturated fats. He really wants to know what would happen if I drank a bottle of coconut oil. The real irony here is that thinks a lot about health, but this doesn’t translate into choices he makes for himself. He likes the idea of kale, but he doesn’t want to chew and swallow kale. He’d rather tell me I should be eating kale instead of sweet potato fries. Double standard!!

Though my son is searching for the easy paved path to perfect health, the truth is that health is not defined by a single lifestyle choice, such as drinking a wheatgrass smoothie every day, having 17 KOM’s on Strava, or wearing a size 0. It is not defined singularly by avoiding high fructose corn syrup, drinking detox tea or taking Vitamin D. It is not defined by daily meditation, paddleboarding or cleansing your colon. Sadly, it is also not defined by eating salmon, kale and avocado at each meal.

Health is a constellation of choices and actions that in dozens of small (and large) ways contribute to an organism that functions optimally; both physically and mentally. Health is freedom from restriction. When both our physical and mental states are optimally functioning, they are flexible and adaptable, and can meet the ever-changing demands of our environment.

In health, we have access to all areas of our physical and emotional landscapes, without restrictions like fear, anger or grief. We can respond appropriately to things that happen to us. We get angry or sad at appropriate times, and then can return to a calm and neutral state. We are not stuck in anger or sadness, or restricted from other areas of our emotional landscape, or from returning to neutral. When our immune systems are able to be flexible and adaptable, we feel ill for a short time, then we return to health, and are not stuck in lingering, recurring or chronic disease.

Homeopathy contributes to health by allowing the removal of restrictions that may be in place in the physical body limiting physical health, or in the mental/emotional realm limiting emotional health. Here are 6 case studies of homeopathic restoration of health and lifting of restrictions that changed people’s lives.

Case 1: This client spent a great deal of time and energy worrying that every little physical sensation was a sign she had cancer. She was paranoid that every car driving on the street was a burglar stalking her house. With the right remedy, her anxieties and worries disappeared and she was free from the restriction of fear, and could focus on other aspects of her life that had been crowded out by panic and anxiety.

Case 2: This client had debilitating menstrual cycles. She had crippling pain in her abdomen and lower limbs, and unpredictable cycles. Her life was put on hold for 3-4 days each month as she holed up in her bedroom unable to function. With the right remedy, her cycles normalized, her pain was reduced by 90%, and she was free from the restriction of her life on hold every month.

Case 3: This client was angry with her kids all the time. She felt upset with herself that was so irritable and snappish, but at the same time, was unable to stop herself. She just felt so put upon and unappreciated. She just wanted to be alone, and was having a hard time feeling authentically connected to her kids because she was so irritated all the time. With the right remedy, she became relaxed and was not trapped in her world of irritation anymore. She felt more connected to her children, and began to genuinely enjoy them. She was free from the restriction of her irritability.

Case 4: This client had an upper respiratory infection every year that always lasted 4 months. This was a pattern that had been going on for at least 10 years. In addition to the cough and sinus symptoms, he felt foggy and as if his memory and thinking were impaired, which made him despairing. With the right remedy, the fog feeling disappeared, along with the respiratory symptoms. He was free of the chronic cycle of illness, which had been restricting his cognitive abilities, his physical health and his general outlook on life.

Case 5: This client suffered 2 concussions, a few weeks apart. His life had ground to a halt because any activity involving thinking made his head hurt. Normally a top student, he was not able to think clearly, and had a foggy feeling in his head, and couldn’t always find his thoughts. He was on cognitive rest, which meant no school, no TV, no video games and minimal socializing. With the right remedy, the underlying inflammation was reduced, and the external symptoms cleared up. He was able to think clearly, go to school, and function normally with no headaches or other physical symptoms. He was free of the restriction that the injury to his brain had caused.

Case 6: This woman lost her mother 8 months prior to seeing me. She was deeply grieving, unable to rise above the waves of grief that overwhelmed her. She could think of little else, and her work and personal lives were suffering as a result. With the right remedy, her grief dissipated greatly and she told me she still felt sad, but not like she was drowning in her grief anymore. She was free from the restrictions of her paralyzing grief.

To be truly healthy is to live fully and vibrantly, fulfilling your potential in every way. Health is a constellation made up of many choices. Homeopathy is a choice that brings deep, meaningful, positive change to your state of health, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. I endorse salmon, kale and avocado, too.

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