Introduction to Homeopathy Online Class

I am really excited about what is coming up this year. A few of my favorite things have merged to promise some really exciting stuff. 

A short (and incomplete) list of some things I love:

  • homeopathy
  • teaching
  • teaching homeopathy!
  • Lindy Woodard
  • collaborating
  • reaching a huge audience

I love collaborating with other practitioners! This year will be my 5th year teaching at Pediatric Alternatives, and collaborating with Lindy Woodard, MD. Lindy is a very special pediatrician with in-depth knowledge of children, parents and the unique issues facing children today. She founded a pediatric practice that specializes in natural care with support from many modalities, including traditional medicine. Lindy and the other doctors at Pediatric Alternatives are caring, supportive, informative and take the very best care of all the children and parents in the practice. 

One benefit of being a family in the practice is the Secret Garden educational series. In the evenings, many classes are offered to support parents with children of all ages. It has been my pleasure and my honor to be the homeopathic instructor at Pediatric Alternatives for the last 5 years. Recently, Lindy has been attending my classes, and jumping in to offer her expertise and pearls of wisdom. It’s been fun and really informative. Lindy is a trained homeopath, in addition to being a medical doctor, so she is really the best of both worlds. Pediatric Alternatives website.

On Tuesday, February 12 at 6:30 PM (PST), Lindy and I will be offering a class on the Introduction to Homeopathy. For the first time, this year we are broadcasting the classes live on Facebook, so that people can watch and learn even if they cannot make it in person to the Mill Valley office. We are so excited! Please join us and be part of the magic. 

I invite you to “like” my page on Facebook, and then you will get notifications when I am going live with my classes. Flora Fauna Facebook Page.

Upcoming classes:

  • Feb 12: 6:30 PM – Introduction to Homeopathy – All you need to know
  • March 5: 6:30 PM – An in-depth look at using remedies in households 
  • April 16: 6:30 PM – Remedies for women’s health

Be well and see you in class! 



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