Do you believe what I believe? This is my why.

January 2021

Dear flora & fauna family,

Thank you so much for being my community. We are figuring out your health together, in partnership. Whether it is pain, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, skin rashes or something else, it is my privilege to join you on your health journey. My heart swells to three times its size when you are free from your restrictions and able to acheive your health goals and live your life in the way that you hope and dream.

Let me tell you what I believe.

I believe that each & every person has the power to take charge of and change their health. That means you! I believe in you and your health! I believe that every choice you make is a choice toward or away from health. That means every day and every decision can move your life in the direction of optimal health. I believe you have that power.

I have many possible roles on your journey. I may be an expert, a specialist, an experienced practitioner, or a mother with wisdom to offer. I may be a guide, a helping hand, a stalwart lieutenant, a trusted advisor, a confidante, or a coach. I am always there for you in the way that you need it. I believe this is why I am here on this earth; to help you & to help end your suffering. This is my why.

With love,

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