Being a mom: how to keep it together

Dear Friend,
Something I see a lot in my office is moms who don’t have enough time to do all the things they want to do and have to do. Often times moms end up sacrificing taking care of themselves because it is the quickest and easiest thing to give up when there is a time crunch. My strong belief is that moms need to be mentally and physically healthy and strong in order to do the Herculean job that is parenting, as well as working in and out of the home. Every mom has a 24-hour shift, 7 days a week. In my practice, what I see is women sacrificing their sleep, their exercise, their vitamins, their friendships and their husbands. Strangely, no one sacrifices facebook! The result of this treadmill-set-on-high situation is often complete exhaustion.

There are lots of reasons why none of us are perfect, but I always strive to help women find a balance in their lives, so that not so many sacrifices are made, and life does not feel so frantic. Believe it or not, this change can come from within, rather than being imposed from the outside by multi-colored calendars and personal trainers who yell at you. It helps to be organized and a brilliant scheduler, but a feeling of less stress and being less frantic comes from an inner balance that the right homeopathic remedy can help achieve. Remedies resonate with the deepest part of us, some parts of us that can even be unknown to ourselves! With the right remedy, there is a feeling of release in places we didn’t even know we felt tension. I recently took a new remedy, and the feeling I have had since then has been a feeling of a load being detached from me – and I hadn’t even realized I was carrying it around! To say that is a relief would be the understatement of the century. Homeopathy excels in the area of stress relief. I often hear my clients say that they just don’t even feel the same anxiety or tension anymore – sometimes they don’t even remember having the tension, I have to remind them!

In the spirit of supporting moms everywhere, here are some common women’s remedies that I see in my practice and the classic picture they portray. Remember that these are broad portraits, not intended for you to diagnose yourself. Seek out a professional homeopath for help at this deeper level.


The classic worn out mom. Exhausted, finished and done. Please don’t anyone touch me or hang on me. Please don’t anyone ask me for one more thing; not a grilled cheese, not where the towels are, not if you can have dessert and especially no hanky panky. PMS is a big problem usually. Please just let me go out for a run in the woods – alone – perhaps for several hours. Some sarcasm may be present, along with irritability. Craving sweets and sour is common.

Nux vomica

This is the mom who gets everything done. Loads of energy. Very motivated and organized – you might say type-A. Certainly fueled by a lot of espresso. Tends to be irritable and yelling when everyone is too slow out the door. Perhaps a bit of yelling at slow traffic, and liberal application of the horn. Likes things to be in the proper place. Annoyed by slow grocery clerks. Often suffers from insomnia, due to thinking so much about what needs to be done the next day. Can have an exhausted breakdown from overwork.


This is like Nux Vomica on steroids. Perfectionism is the keynote of the woman who needs Carcinosin. This mom likes everything to look perfect, and be in its right place. Everyone attempts to control the chaos that threatens to overwhelm the household, but in this house, the chaos is successfully, magically and artfully held at bay. The task is overwhelming, though, and this leads to a feeling of the effort never being enough. It may look good from the outside, but there is a feeling inside that it is not good enough. This is exhausting and never-ending. Relief from this repetitive cycle is found in dancing, travel and loads of dark chocolate.


This right here is the life of the party. Phosphorus is a social butterfly. This mom is effervescent, bright, open, bubbly, always ready to get together. She is a true extrovert. She loves to connect and make plans, but then will suddenly become exhausted from all the effort. When feeling this way, she can be slow, spacey and apathetic. After being cocooned for a while, she returns to her bright butterfly self. There is typically a craving for cold sparkling drinks, and ice cream.

If you feel like one of these remedies fits what you see in the mirror, head on over to your local professional homeopath and let them know you read this and you’d like some help. Family health begins with moms prioritizing their health and self-care. This is the equivalent of putting your oxygen mask on first.

With love,

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