100% true acute homeopathy cases from my own family

By July 2, 2014Notes from Alexis

The lovely doctors at Pediatric Alternatives have recently offered me a opportunity to teach about homeopathy as often as I would like, and I have had a wonderful time this year putting together classes on homeopathy for flu, croup, general common children’s ailments, pregnancy, babies, skin problems, and more. After a short summer break, I am preparing for the next 5 months of classes. I hope you will consider coming to some.

In September, I will be giving an Introduction to Homeopathy, which will be a deep look at the philosophy and practical aspects of homeopathy. My goal is to educate and inform people on how to use homeopathy for everyday life. I want people to be empowered to take charge of their health, and have a viable alternative or first line of action for basic health issues – ranging from bee stings to bladder infections to viral infections. In this class (and every class, in fact) I will teach how to follow the simple, yet seemingly complex system laid out for us by the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann. I start with explaining how homeopathy works, and I go on to cover case taking, remedy selection, and remedy dosing.

In the spirit of this everyday use of homeopathy, I began to reflect on all the instances that I have used homeopathy in my own home (and sometimes other people’s homes) with my own family and friends. I thought it might be amusing and enlightening for you to see how many ways homeopathy can be used at home, and just how often I whip out my “little red box” of remedies. Only occasionally do I have to make the drive to my office for an obscure remedy that isn’t in my home kit.

In this list I tried to pick a range of useful examples that probably come up for you regularly such as viral infections, the dreaded poison oak, injuries, back pain, sore throats, coughs and bee stings. What follows is a list of “home clinic” case studies, nothing from my professional practice. I don’t always succeed every time I give a remedy, and I want you to see that is normal. Know that each of these remedies was selected for the totality of symptoms in each case, so please don’t use it as a resource from which to prescribe. The use of this list is to see how useful homeopathy is!

Recent homeopathic case samples from my home “clinic”:

D had poison oak in many different places. Gave Rhus tox. No change, so switched to Anacardium. Much worse over a 48 hour period. Frustrated. Called a friend, who suggested a switch to Croton tiglium. Cleared up overnight. Sometimes it’s good to call someone else!

D had a severe sunburn; swollen and red, hot and stinging. Gave Apis. Pain, swelling and tingling cleared overnight. Redness improved 50%. Normal by next day.

T had hip pain and sensation of weakness and “giving way”. Gave Kali Carbonicum. Better over a 3-7 day period.

D had vomiting, diarrhea and fever. Used Arsenicum Album. Cleared in 12 hours. Subsequent weakness and prostration. Used Gelsemium. Normal in 2 days.

P had poison oak. Gave Rhus tox. Better in a few days.

D had poison oak. Thought about last time, gave Croton tiglium, no change. Worsening quickly. Frustrated. Gave Anacardium. Cleared overnight. Bought Fels Naptha soap. No more poison oak in this house!

A had back pain. Tried Oyster, a remedy that helped in the past. No change. Gave Kali Carbonicum. Improvement next day, continuing to improve over one week.

D had shock from a severe fright. Gave Aconite. Better within the hour. Repeated remedy. Better the next two days.

D had asthma and runny nose. Gave Arsenicum iodatum. Slow but steady improvement.

Z had croup. Gave Spongia. Immediate improvement. Return to normal in 48 hours.

D very tired, runny nose, fever. Gave Arsenicum Album. Improved in 24 hours. Return to normal in one more day.

Z had dry irritated cough. Gave Spongia. No change. Gave Pulsatilla. Improvement. Return to normal in a few days.

D had soreness and fatigue from extreme physical exertion. Gave Bellis perennis one time. Return to normal.

Z had a fall with a severe bruise. Gave Arnica and used Traumeel. Improvement.

A felt she might have broken her toe. Unable to wear shoe. Gave two doses of Arnica. Return to normal in 18 hours.

C had a severe injury to elbow, with apparent internal infection and bursitis. Gave Rhus tox. Forgot to get remedy. (It happens!)

J got a bee sting. Gave Apis. Return to normal in 30 minutes.

Z got a severe 2nd degree burn. Inconsolable. Gave Cantharis. Fell asleep immediately, and no return of pain on waking. Continued Cantharis during healing period.

D got ear infection. Gave Ferrum Phosphoricum. Recovered in 24 hours. M had a lingering tickling cough. Gave Rumex. Recovered in 24 hours.

T was bitten by a tick or spider. Red and swollen, dimple in center. Gave Ledum. Improvement over 5 days. Advise doctor visit to check for Lyme.

J had severe tonsillitis. Gave Phytolacca. No improvement. Gave Mercurius. Better in 24 hours. Normal in 3-4 days.
A had a head injury. Gave 3 doses of Arnica over 2 days. Normal in 2 days.

E had a bladder infection. Gave Sarsaparilla. Return to normal in 12 hours. Baby crying on red eye flight. Wish I had Chamomilla!!

A has warts. Gave Thuja. No follow up.

P had a severe fall on bike with extensive abrasions and bruising. Gave Arnica and Calendula (unusual for me to give 2 remedies) to take at alternate times. Improvement in 24 hours. Better in a week.

D got an upper respiratory infection. Gave Arsenicum Album. No improvement. Gave Pulsatilla. Recovered in 24 hours, and did not progress to bronchitis, per usual pattern.