Years ago, when my oldest son was an infant, I was anxious for help with his health. He suffered from continuous colds and respiratory infections, including multiple rounds of pneumonia. A friend recommended a homeopath, but I had no experience with any alternative practitioners. I was skeptical, but desperate. What ultimately drove me to seek out homeopathy was the knowledge that my pediatrician had nothing to offer me to help my son combat these infections, recover sooner or stop getting them altogether! This, I know now, is a common reason that parents seek help from a homeopath, to break the cycle of recurrent infections, and make children less susceptible to illnesses in general.

During our first visit, the homeopath asked me a lot of questions that no doctor had ever asked me – it was incredibly detailed. He went back as far as my pregnancy and delivery, asked me about all my son’s symptoms, his personality and temperament, his likes and dislikes, what made him better and worse, his fears and habits. He prescribed a homeopathic remedy specially selected for my son and told me to give it to him several times at regular intervals. The remedy was in the form of sugar pellets, which definitely went down the hatch with no resistance. Ultimately, the remedy chosen just for my son made a profound difference in his health, and stopped the never-ending illnesses.

During our years of working together, my homeopath did more than just treat my children; he opened my eyes to the elegant, complex and powerful healing system of homeopathy. Together we treated my children for a multitude of illnesses and injuries, and through that process I learned how to take an acute case and select an appropriate remedy myself. I felt like I was running my own clinic! He recommended books I could use at home to try it out on my own, and soon I found myself reading the chapters that were not even relevant to my children’s current acute illness. I was seduced by the homeopathic cures for bladder infections, back pain and poison oak. I was reading introductions and appendices A-F. I was reading the strange symptom-filled chapters at the back of the book called “materia medica”, which are detailed descriptions of what symptoms each remedy treats. As I became increasingly enchanted with the system of homeopathy, I started to secretly dream about being a homeopath.

One day, I shared my secret dream with my homeopath, and to my amazement, he took me seriously! He strongly encouraged me to pursue homeopathy, and a light bulb clicked on for me. My whole life had been leading up to this moment. My interest in science, botany, zoology, psychology and my years of being a practicing artist and mother of two children had prepared me perfectly for homeopathy; which combines art, science and medicine, and requires many diverse skills including critical thinking, determination, intuition, compassion and the inability to be put off by detailed descriptions of bodily fluids. I guess all I needed was someone to give me permission, because that very November night I signed up for an online class, and the following September I enrolled in a 3-year homeopathic college program. And just like that – my dream came true.

And now, after many years of homeopathic education, clinical study and experience under my belt, I am now a practitioner with a private family practice, a teacher of homeopathic students, a bringer of knowledge to parents new to homeopathy, and I serve as a consultant for the Council for Homeopathic Certification. Every day I wake up feeling joyful about my homeopathic practice. I love homeopathy and its powerful and extraordinary ability to heal. I am honored and humbled by my clients and their trust in me, and I am dedicated to improving the long-term health and vitality of every one of my clients.

“My life has truly changed by finding Alexis. She used an incredibly warm, caring and supportive approach to finding the right remedies for my children and me.  The remedies she has chosen for me gave me an inner balance and energy that has helped me feel healthier, stronger, happier and calmer.  Thanks to her, I no longer have the chronic stomachaches that had bothered me for years.  My kids are also well-balanced and happy, and stay healthy even during cold and flu season.”

– Anna

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