Homeopathy heals by working with your entire body to relieve symptoms, bring back what has become out of balance, restore the body to its original optimal function, and improve overall health and vitality. Homeopathy is alternative care for a lifetime of wellness.

Homeopathy can treat both acute and chronic illnesses.  Acute illnesses are defined as short-lived illnesses which do not recur, or could be one-time situations, such as injuries. A few examples of acute illnesses or injuries are morning sickness, colds, flus, concussions and broken limbs. Chronic diseases are defined as illnesses whose symptoms last longer than 3 months, or return periodically. Chronic illnesses include anxiety, depression, migraines, chronic GI issues, and asthma to name just a few. Chronic menstrual cramps, for example, recur monthly, and chronic allergies often recur annually.

Chronic care
Constitutional or chronic care homeopathy affects the body on multiple levels because it treats the deepest imbalance of your system. I look at all of your symptoms, past and present, your medical history, and we talk about who you are as a person. That allows me to understand you deeply, and find the remedy that is best for you, a remedy that addresses the most fundamental cause of your ailments.  Once found, this simillimum (remedy most similar to you) strengthens the immune system, alleviates physical symptoms, and balances your emotional and mental state. Restoration of freedom and long-term health and vitality are the goals.

Acute care
I also offer care for issues that come up unexpectedly; acute illnesses and infections, traumas and injuries. I am usually available on the same day for a consult for anything you might need to discuss regarding your health. I respond to emails very quickly to let you know my availability. If you get some health news that is upsetting or confusing, sometimes it is just nice to talk it over with someone who can offer advice and perspective. I am here to support my clients in whatever way they need.

Conditions treated
Among the illnesses I treat, these are a few I see in my practice regularly:
Allergies, anxiety, attention issues in children or adults, bed-wetting, chronic bladder infections, chronic ear infections, colic, depression, eczema, fears, gastro-intestinal issues such as constipation and IBS, hyperactivity, injuries such as broken bones and concussions, menstrual imbalances such as PMS, painful cramping or irregularity, migraines, chronic nose bleeds, post-surgical recovery, morning sickness and other pregnancy related problems, night terrors, rage, chronic respiratory infections, chronic sinusitis and weakened immune system (children or adults who catch every cold).

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 “After more than eight years of a seasonal cough that began early November and went away in late April I finally decided to get serious about not living another day suffering from that annoying cough. I sought out a homeopath and was delighted to discover Alexis White. Over a period of about a year we worked together un-peeling the onion, so to speak, and (knock on wood) I’ve been cough free for about two years now!  I encourage anyone that has been suffering from seemingly unsolvable health challenges to seek wellness care with Alexis White of Flora and Fauna Classical Homeopathy.”

– Paul